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Small shipments

Oversized loads

Transportation of cars


Passengers transportation

Transportation of animals


Buying items from auctions

Payment for items on the spot

Specialization in Sweden

Sweden is not just a waypoint on our route – it is the heart of our operations. The difference between us and our competitors is our specialized experience in the Swedish market.

Speed and Reliability

Speed and reliable service are critical to us. We can boast that we deliver 93% of shipments on time.

Excellent Customer Service

In our company, every customer is treated as our partner. We offer personalized service based on the customer's specific needs to ensure the smoothest and most efficient delivery experience.

Competitive Prices

We are constantly improving our operations and routes to reduce unnecessary costs in order to offer the most competitive prices in the market.

Parcel collection and Routes


We usually collect parcels on FRIDAY

We collect from all cities based on individual request


We usually collect packages from SUNDAY to WEDNESDAY

We collect from all cities based on individual request

(time may vary depending on situations)

(time may vary depending on situations)

*Most visited cities in Sweden. Routes may vary each time depending on incoming orders


Small Parcels
Non-standard loads
Car transportation
Passenger transportation

*The indicated service prices are for one parcel. When sending more than one package, regardless of the weight of the package, we also pay attention to the size of the package and the number of packages.

*Final prices may vary depending on additional factors, such as: difficult access to the final point, delivery/pickup of the package from a certain floor without an elevator, etc.


Prohibited items

The Carrier will not accept the following items for transportation, unless the Director of the Carrier notifies the Shipper in writing that such items may be accepted. If such notification was not received in advance in writing, the Carrier does not assume any responsibility for such items and does not undertake to compensate for any losses caused by the Carrier's negligence.

Dangerous goods

If we find items that are prohibited by international shipping regulations, we will hand the shipment over to law enforcement. We charge fines for transporting prohibited items!

Chemical cargoes

Any other items prohibited by the country to/from which the shipment is being transported or transited under the laws of the government or any other authority

Leaking or breakable containers with liquids

Perishable food and non-food products

Alcoholic beverages

Precious metals

Money, bills of exchange (including checks, promissory notes, precious metals and stones, securities, antiques, personal documents)

Tobacco products

Firearms and other types of weapons

Flammable goods/materials

Illegally acquired or stolen items

Sharp objects not properly packed

Packaging and labeling of the shipment

When sending more than one shipment at a time, mark them in order (eg: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3...)

Recipient's name and surname

Delivery address

Telephone number

Sender information

Fragile items must be packed accordingly

The package must not be loaded with more weight than it can support

The package must be tightly sealed, without any tears

The contents of the shipment must not protrude from the packaging

Reduce empty space in the package. It should be stable.

The size of the package must correspond to the size of the contents

The package must be durable, with strong edges

The shipment must have a clear address:

Pavojingi kroviniai

Cheminiai kroviniai

Degios prekės/medžiagos

Šaunamieji ir kitų tipų ginklai

Tabako gaminiai

Pinigai, apyvarčiosios priemonės (įskaitant čekius, vekselius, brangiuosius metalus ir akmenis, vertybinius popierius, antikvarinius daiktus, asmens dokumentus)

Taurieji metalai

Alkoholiniai gėrimai

Greitai gendantys maisto ir ne maisto produktai

Nesandariai uždarytos ar galinčios sudužti talpos su skysčiais

Tinkamai neįpakuoti aštrūs daiktai

Nelegaliai įsigyti ar kitų žmonių pasisavinti daiktai

Bet kokie kiti daiktai, kuriuos draudžia valstybė į kurią/iš kurios siunta yra gabenama arba pravažiuojama tranzitu pagal teisės aktus priimtus vyriausybės ar bet kurios kitos valdžios instancijos


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11/10 super fast delivery, pleasant communication, professionals in their field

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I recommend!! Reliable, honest people, a pleasure to deal with.

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About Us

A reliable delivery partner since 2018. Our company specializes in the delivery of parcels, cargo, passengers and pets on the Lithuania-Sweden-Lithuania route. We ensure that every shipment is delivered on time, safely and professionally. Siunta777 stands out for its flexibility, punctuality and high quality of customer service. Our goal is to ensure that your shipments reach their destination without any hassles.